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7 & 8 Sep 2022



A-techSYN Ltd produces end-to-end UAS solutions including field proven Hybrid VTOL fixed-wing UAVs and mid to high-speed Target Drones. Based in Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland, A-techSYN is an all-in-one solution provider that services the defense, law enforcement, intelligence and civil aviation markets since 2013.

A-techSYN designs, manufactures, integrates new equipment, trains operators and mechanics, provides MRO and flight services and customizes its UAS Solutions to customer requirements.


• CGT50 VTOL UAV, 55kg MTOW, 6 hour endurance, 5kg payload

• CNG-V Target UAV (Catapult launch, Parachute landing, 21kg MTOW )

• Ground Control Station Software & Hardware

• Tracking Antenna (IP, 50-80-120km range) This Tactical VTOL Unmanned Aerial System is capable of providing persistent surveillance and reconnaissance capability with the ease of transportation and deployment typical of smaller systems.

With a range of over 80-120km, the CGT-50 VTOL UAV is ideal for:

* Reconnaissance & Surveillance

* Perimeter patrolling

* Border & Coastal Security

* Environmental Protection, Safety & Security

* Mapping & Survey

* Pipeline / Gas line / Power line / Railway inspections

* Search & Rescue ( Daily basis Monitoring & Top Cover)

* Emergency Delivery * Test & Training

The CGT50 can be equipped with multiple sensors at the same time. We have integrated an Inmarsat SATCOM ( Cobham Aviator200 ), LIDAR( Velodyne), a DLRS Camera (Sony) and an IR sensor at the same time to acquire multiple types of data within the same flight. We provide attractive solutions including our Flight Services, Renting the VTOL UAV system and outright Sales to our clients on a one to one basis to ensure their requirements are completely fulfilled.

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