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10 & 11 MARCH 2021


Bellwether Industry

Founded in the UK, Bellwether Industry aims to provide comprehensive solutions for urban air mobility. We believe flying vehicles, air traffic management system, and urban infrastructure are the three fundamental elements to form up a complete ecosystem in the urban scenario.
Starting with the invention of 'volar', Bellwether's core mission is to bring urban air mobility to people's daily life and minimise the damage to the environment including potential damage and noise, and to make the most efficient use of space and time. Volar is defined as a new category of manned urban aircraft which has a hidden propulsion system, a very compact profile, a lifting fuselage, and the ability to take off and land vertically. Based on the development of volar, we will keep expending our vision, and bring positive impact to the world.
We always start everything from the human. To create a complete urban air traffic ecosystem that can be trusted by the society, it is required to identify the real needs. Making citizens able to live on a second city surface is the vision we expect to introduce to people's lives in the near future.