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7 & 8 Sep 2022


Consortiq Ltd

We believe there is always a better way, whether it’s helping our customers acquire inspection data to make better business decisions safer and quicker than traditional means, or automating our own project management framework.

It’s the fundamental philosophy on which Consortiq was founded: “We make it easier for organizations to put drones in the sky safely,” because we knew that the way organizations were trying to roll out drone use was inefficient, or overly complicated (or worse… unsafe).

Consortiq’s founders were a combination of manned and unmanned aviation professionals from airlines, air traffic control, and the military. The principles of being safety-first and a just culture are embedded in our organization.

Since our inception we’ve helped hundreds of organizations develop their drone programs, and find a better way to achieve their goals.

We believe in giving our clients value from our services by supporting them with the right solution for their needs at the right time, and having long-term valued clients who we continue to provide value to year after year.

Tel: +44 (0)203 290 5762

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