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7 & 8 Sep 2022


Drallim Aerospace

The Drallim Aerospace product range has been focused on Helicopter under slung Cargo Hooks and associated lashings and cabin fitments which it has supplied to the UK MoD and numerous military agencies worldwide since 1959. Drallim cargo hooks are fitted to NH90 (Quick Drop) , EH101 Merlin, Sea king, AS565 Panther, Super Lynx, 159 Wildcat, Puma, Gazelle, HAL DRUV and more recently the Bell V280 Joint Multi-Roll/Future Vertical Lift Technology Demonstrator and Bell 525 Relentless. We have been exclusively been working with the Dutch MoD on a Human External Cargo Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction Back-up device for use with the primary Cargo Hook, the system is easy to fit and remove as and when required and is designed predominantly against the unintended release of the cargo hook during SPIE operations. As part of our Ground support service, we design and manufacture bespoke support stands and release mechanisms for UAVs , a recent example would be that of the Watchkeeper. The MC1 and MC2 webbing tie downs and storm lashings have been in our portfolio for many years and are used by the MoD and Navy’s worldwide. As well as lashing down the Lynx to name but one; for many years, the MC1 is also used on super yachts to safely tie-down their helicopters. Drallim also design and manufacture customised lashings and restraints and associated components and systems for the aerospace industry. Most recently we designed and built specialist lashing restraints for the QE2 Class aircraft carrier. One to restrain the DMRTs aboard ship and the MC2/QEC version to hold down the many Merlin’s and Chinooks on board, with a new hook end designed to suit the crucifix style of deck plate used on the QE2. A more recent addition to our portfolio is the door safety nets, the design of which could be replicated to fit other craft. We have most recently launched a version for the A320.