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7 & 8 Sep 2022



INMM® Produce Bio Isolation Eco-Systems providing a seamless, highly controlled care pathway for patients with high consequence infectious diseases. INMM® can provide proven, agile, high grade, bio- isolation capabilities for the air, land and sea integrated within an electronic ecosystem.

INMM® provides advanced medical technology systems, including patient tracking, screening and management for a wide spectrum of healthcare professionals. Providing information and support systems for first aid rescue teams, doctors, coastal guards, ambulance crew and for military rescuers.

INMM® provides wearable technology for remote monitoring of biometric parameters, for operational security purposes and support data collection on casualties, delivering data transmission from disaster site to the treatment facilities, ultimately allowing the responders to manage rescue operations safely and efficiently. These electronic guides help to bridge language barriers and foster interoperability between all frontline workers, even in multinational scenarios.

INMM® telemedicine technologies also provide an automatic compilation of health reports, with the ability to transfer data via the platform and allowing immediate remote control of patients.

INMM® technologies enable precision when recording medication, taking specimens and creating a medical history record, therefore delivering the highest quality of care.

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