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7 & 8 Sep 2022


LITE FLITE - Denmark

Lite Flite offers a package solution of helicopter rescue equipment for Search and Rescue (SAR) units in more than 40 countries. In addition to our broad standard helicopter rescue assortment, we offer customized solutions to our many happy and loyal customers. Our products are designed to be mixed and matched together. Naturally, our products can also be used together with other manufacturers, however, we do recommend customers to go for the full Lite Flite package. Why do we do that? Well… Every item fits. All parts have a form. Everything has a function. Simple, basic rules. When designing our broad assortment of helicopter rescue equipment, we always have the helicopter crew in mind. That is why our rescue equipment is not only easy to use, but also comfortable to wear. That is how we secure the best working conditions. How do we do that ? We listen to feedback from our customers, because they are the real experts. In order to maximize product lifetime and to minimize time spend on maintenance and cleaning, we only use the most robust materials for saline conditions. Some parts of our equipment will naturally be exposed to wear. What can be done ? If a part is broken or simply worn out, we offer the opportunity to purchase spare parts or have one of our seamstresses fix it. We are in Denmark and produce our products under European legislation. As opposed to products made under, say, an American or Australian TSO, product adjustments can be made if they conform with the overall criteria and guidelines for the EC Type Certified product. What does that mean ? It means that changes can be made to our standard assortment to make sure that our rescue equipment fit the winchman, the hoist operator, the rest of the rear crew, the purpose, the aircraft and the operators SOP perfectly.

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