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7 & 8 Sep 2022


UAV Works Group S.L

UAV Works has successfully designed, built and proved this unusual aircraft concept named VALAQ. It is a flying wing with four engine with trapezoidal setting (non lineal), achieving a VTOL capacity as multicopters do. At the other hand its aeroplane mode assures the highest endurance and range. The combination of both modes aeroplane + multicopter, makes the product the best choice for surveillance, mapping and courier aerial missions. Its simple design avoiding complex systems and parts, make it costless, low weight and low maintenance for all operations. UAV Works presents in this exhibition VALAQ Patrol, a perfect tool for surveillance, security and defense, ideal for local or national police, security agencies, defence. VALAQ Patrol is a 4 kg VTOL plane with 1 hour endurance specifically designed for surveillance purposes. VALAQ Patrol will give pilot easy control being able to focus in the camera image and the mission, with 40x zoom and IR giro-stabilised camera.

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