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7 & 8 Sep 2022



Democratising AI for drone companies with a platform-agnostic "AI Toolkit".

VIZGARD is a London-based start-up whose FortifAI software significantly reduces time-to-market for drone OEMs and solution providers looking to remain competitive by utilising the latest AI-powered capabilities.

FortifAI runs in the background on Windows and Ubuntu and can be deployed on the aircraft or on a Ground Control Station to empower the UAS with the following enhancements:

-Detection of people, cars, boats, drones, birds, planes and helicopters.
-Cutting-edge single object tracking of any agile target with no model training required.
-Market-leading counter-UAS detect/track/classify capability.
-Real-time face redaction.
-Electronic image stabilisation.
-Precision drone landing on moving vehicles in GPS-denied environments.

At VIZGARD, we offer a streamlined integration process with our test application, well-documented API and prompt technical support. Once deployed, we make it easy for non-technical operators to continue training their AI algorithm, ensuring optimum real-world performance.

Tel: 02080501063

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