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Zubax Robotics is an award-winning research and development company founded in 2015. We conduct R&D in the field of manned and unmanned aerospace systems, chiefly involving energy-efficient electric propulsion and real-time intravehicular data distribution.

The Télega motor control solution is a result of a major inquiry into the theory of electric machines. The Télega technology offers increased energy efficiency and robustness compared to prior art.

We founded the OpenCyphal project to address the challenge of on-board deterministic computing and data distribution in next-generation intelligent vehicles. This standard is now used by numerous vendors and companies all over the world in various domains, including manned and unmanned aircraft, spacecraft, micromobility, and even racing cars.

We actively contribute to the core open-source software in our field and collaborate with researchers and developers from all over the world.


Our IP portfolio includes a set of core technologies that are the basis for most of our products and services. We provide customization, consulting, and R&D services for our clients. If you would like to discuss your project with us, please contact us.

Quality and compliance

All products manufactured by Zubax Robotics and by our licensed vendors undergo extensive automatic testing at the factory. Every manufactured unit is subjected to a series of automatic tests; the resulting test reports are available online at device.zubax.com/device_info. All key Zubax devices and modules are manufactured in the European Union unless stated otherwise in the product description.

Every manufactured device is equipped with a strong digital signature that can be used to reliably determine the authenticity of the vendor, thus ruling out the risks of encountering counterfeit products.

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