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7 & 8 Sep 2022


UAV Theatres

Curated to give you the knowledge and advice to transform your organisation, our speakers will give you, without any doubts, the tools to maximize your professional success. Whether you want to nurture an existing or build a new business, attending these sessions will put you directly at the top of the Drone industry!

Led by expert professionals and industry leaders, these sessions will run throughout the two days with a specific focus on a particular sector in each session. We even have our dedicated seminar theatre to take you through a deep dive into each sector including so much more!

  • Surveillance
  • Inspection
  • Future of Flight
  • Emergency Service
  • Surveillance

      • Wednesday

        Kristofer Skantze: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        11.00 - 11.30

        Kristofer Skantze
        XER Technologies AB

        Launching XER heavy-duty drones; 4hr flight time with 20kg payload

        At XER we have flown drones for 1000s of hours since 2012 and come to realize shortcomings of the low payload and short flight time of standard drones. This has led us to develop and launch an entirely new breed of drones with up to 20kg payload capability and up to 4 hours flight time, useful for heavy-duty services including inspection, S&R, public safety and more.

        Stuart Keenan and Graham Brown: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        11.45 - 12.15

        Stuart Keenan and Graham Brown
        ARPAS-UK – The UK Drone Association

        Drone Professionalism means real business benefits now and the future

        Drone usage is really taking off, and there are diverse uses across multiple industries, from whale snot-sniffing to air taxis, all being driven by the real business benefits they can bring. This session will discuss and answer the challenges of freeing the societal and business advantages of drones, to realise the immense economic and operational benefits of increased efficiency, increased productivity, and increased safety, underpinned by drone professionalism.

        Mark Ter Hove & Chris Bigwood: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        12.30 - 13.00

        Mark Ter Hove & Chris Bigwood
        Inmarsat & Honeywell

        Drones for Good – Enabling Surveillance

        Alex Kehoe: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        14.00 - 14.30

        Alex Kehoe

        Mitigating the Threat Posed by Hostile and Nuisance Drones

        The exponential increase in drone adoption globally has borne witness to several high-profile disruptive incidents and a heightened interest in mitigation technologies to protect against malicious or nuisance drones and their pilot. In this talk, Alex offers his unique insight into the counter-drone industry from five years developing market-leading counter-UAS solutions to now providing AI that automates drones and the systems tasked with detecting them.

  • Inspection

      • Wednesday

        Gokhan Celik: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        11.00 - 11.30

        Gokhan Celik

        Potential of Larger Fixed Wing UAVs and How To Realize It

        The Seminar focuses on the many potential uses of 25-150 kg MTOW Fixed Wing UAVs. Most use cases of Drones consider the use of multirotor. Which of these applications can be scaled up and performed by fixed wing UAVs at greater distances and larger areas and how? What are the technical and regulatory requirements ? Which seem to be possible and which need a lot more effort and a shift in paradigm?

        Joerg Schamuhn: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        12.30 - 13.00

        Joerg Schamuhn
        Airial Robotics

        Gyrocopter as solution for BVLOS operation in densely populated areas

        Commencing UAS operation in densely populated areas is challenging and requires solid answers for flight safety, noise emission, productivity, elimination of downtimes. The Gyrocopter architecture with hybrid drive system technology is potentially an answer for these questions allowing operators to maximize services under a wide range of weather conditions. The principle offers easier access to permissions and certifications of these complex operations. This will be an insight into the system architecture.

        Ronald Schultz: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        13.15 - 13.45

        Ronald Schultz

        Different UAV categories and their field of application

        Today are available a lot of different UAV solutions – quadcopters, planes, fixed-wings etc. and customers can get confused by the wide range of UAVs. We will shortly explain field of application for each drone category, to provide some clarity in this drone jungle.

        Eyal Regev: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        14.00 - 14.30

        Eyal Regev

        Turning Drone Delivery to a Physical Network

        Presenting the next generation of drone delivery – a fully autonomous B2B aerial delivery system that can create a physical internet between Wearhouse's hospitals and clinics around the world with a 24\7 AI managed grid, to supply on demand delivery in a super-fast and cost effective manner, that will revolutionize the logistic supply chain and connect the peripheral to city centres and make critical goods available everywhere.

        James Wardlow: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        14.45 - 15.15

        James Wardlow
        Phase One Geospatial

        Using drones successfully for Inspection: The need for a high-quality sensor

        Drones in remote asset inspection applications, and to explore the reasons and importance of using a quality remote sensing solution.

  • Future of Flight

      • Wednesday

        Simon Masters: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        11.00 - 11.30

        Simon Masters
        UK Research and Innovation

        Delivering a revolution in aviation

        Introducing the Future Flight Challenge from UK Research and Innovation. A £125 million programme designed to kick-start the third revolution in aviation by developing the wider aviation system to transform how we connect people, deliver goods and provide services. This session covers what the Challenge has achieved so far and considers what needs to be done to bring innovative air vehicles into service safely and practically by 2030.

        Dr Dennis Majoe: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        11.45 - 12.15

        Dr Dennis Majoe
        Motion Robotics Limited

        Intelligent Drone Ports for Autonomous Cargo Handling and Drone Garaging

        The Innovate UK funded project OSPREH (Optimizing Speed, Productivity, Resilience and Efficiency in Healthcare) will be presented with the results achieved at this half-way point in the project. Aerial drone delivery of medical pathology, goods and equipment using autonomous robotics and advanced Artificial Intelligence. Intelligent drone ports equipped for drone garaging and parcel lockering.

        Ofer Haruvi : Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        12.30 - 13.00

        Ofer Haruvi

        Autonomous Air Mobility

        The challenges and technological aspects of certifying long distance BVLOS flights including energy management, handling communication and GNSS loss, autonomy and edge computing, AI and smart decision making through real – life examples of the certification process that FlightOps has performed.

        Vidyut. Jacob: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        13.15 - 13.45

        Vidyut. Jacob

        Envisaging the Future of Aerial Mobility.

        Sharing the vision and philosophy of Bellwether with relation to the UAM Industry and how collaboration will beget change in the future. Further will be delving into the different verticals and challenges this industry presents to us as well as how we at Bellwether approach these critical aspects. The verticals would be subsets of the flying ecosystems within cities i.e. infrastructure, flight management, commercialization etc. Will open the floor to questions about the industry and about the company as well

        Tom Verbruggen: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        14.45 - 15.15

        Tom Verbruggen

        Staying in Control while your drone business takes off.

        Starting and growing a professional drone business can be challenging. Many processes to take care of, a lot of administration and regulations to follow. Flying drones should be the main focus, and flying more will make your company grow. But how do you stay in control of your flight operations and business?

        Robert Garbett: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        15.30 - 16.00

        Robert Garbett
        Drone Major Group

        The Phoenix Programme – The logical next step to drone commercialisation

        A family of interconnected projects working with key industry stakeholders and Government to deliver commercially viable, scalable and environmentally sound services using drone technology across all environments (land, maritime, air & space). Delivering drone services built by industry, funded by industry and delivered by the best suppliers from around the world...

  • Emergency Service

      • Wednesday

        Barry Koperberg: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        11.00 - 11.30

        Barry Koperberg
        Wings For Aid

        A humanitarian internet - using cargo drone aircraft

        Why do some of us receive parcels we need within 24 hours, and others do not? This seminar addresses a key issue in humanitarian logistics: the ‘last mile’ of 50-250km. Barry Koperberg, founder and GM of Wings For Aid, outlines how drone technology, partnership and persistence power up a ‘humanitarian internet’ for package delivery. In action shortly: a 650kg aircraft in a BVLOS circuit, to drop 20kg self-landing boxes. Just where they are most needed.

        Ricky Sandhu: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        11.45 - 12.15

        Ricky Sandhu
        Urban Air Port Limited

        Air One

        Urban-Air Port | "Air-One" [Rapidly Deployable Vertiport For Drone-Delivery, Air-Taxi, Disaster Management]

        Dr Paul Royall: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        12.30 - 13.00

        Dr Paul Royall
        King’s College London & DroneMatLab Ltd

        Drones for Improving Healthcare & Medicine Access in Medical Emergencies.

        Kenneth Geipel: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        13.15 - 13.45

        Kenneth Geipel

        The New Normal of Wildfires and the Need to Innovate

        This masterclass will highlight how the climate crisis have caused an increase in wildfire frequency and severity, to the modern-day mega fires. How current wildfire operations are being done, and why these methods are unequipped to deal with the current situation. Lastly why firefighters need innovating their procedures and equipment used, for the benefit of the local communities, the environment, and global health

        Nick Sharpe: Speaking in the UAV Theatres

        14.00 - 14:30

        Nick Sharpe
        Modini Limited

        Realising the potential of BVLOS drones – Regulation, innovation, use-case.

        Delivering a regular BVLOS operation in UK airspace with large (100+kg) UAS is a case-by-case challenge. This seminar will explore our experience of delivering a large VTOL UAS platform in UK Airspace. We will offer a real-world view on the challenges we faced, how we overcame the initial barriers to entry, and how some of the most challenging issues faced today may be solved tomorrow.

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