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CrossChecks - The complete compliance and business management solution for the UAS and future RPAS industry.

Some of our features include:

  • Flight Ops and Compliance Management: Stay 100% up-to-date at all times with tailored tracking for company, aircraft, pilot, maintenance documentation, training records and more, including advanced expiry alerts and notifications. Easily achieve operational control by assigning customisable aircraft, pilot, and operational permissions and create teams to group and manage task-specific operations. Effortlessly scale operations with streamlined processes that eliminate repetition, including automatically generated flight folios, battery logs, logbooks and more.

  • Plan and Fly:

    Designed by pilots, for pilots – CrossChecks offers a fast and efficient online planning process where everything is kept and accessed from one place, including an interactive map with airspace information, electronic risk assessment, checklists, automated weather, NOTAMs and much more.

  • Data Analytics and Reporting:

    CrossChecks is the transformative solution that enables proactive management of your UAS or future RPAS operations by seamlessly integrating data collection into existing processes, monitoring trends and offering comprehensive and tailored reporting.

  • QMS and SMS:

    Integrated QMS and SMS management, along with an additional stand-alone safety and quality management module developed to comply with ICAO and ISO 9001 standards, makes achieving operational efficiency and continuous improvement simpler than ever. It is also the perfect solution for any organization in any industry looking to benefit from a robust quality and safety management system.

  • Maintenance Management:

    Offering both basic functionality or as a comprehensive, stand-alone module, our integrated maintenance management processes efficiently track flight time and maintenance expiry, eliminate errors with online checklists and streamlined record-keeping, issue automated service releases, record maintenance activities seamlessly, monitor defect reports and corrective actions, automatically generate logbooks, keep tabs on part replacements and trends and ensure BARS compliance for maintenance requirements.

Our top priorities are to boost your operational efficiency, save time, cut costs, enhance relatability and ensure safety and quality performance.

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