Seminar Theatre 5 - Surveillance

    • Tuesday

      Ryan Kempley: Speaking in the Seminar Theatre 5 - Surveillance

      11.00 - 11.30

      Ryan Kempley
      ISS Aerospace

      Autonomy, AI and Machine Learning - Paving the way to BVLOS

      BVLOS and wide area operations are now emerging as some of the fundamental requirements for the future of the industry. But what technology enablers are required for safe and consistent operations?

      Anton Franzen: Speaking in the Seminar Theatre 5 - Surveillance

      11.45 - 12.15

      Anton Franzen
      Alva Industries

      FiberPrinted™ Motors - Reduce Your OPEX with Reliable Propulsion Systems

      UAV operators are scaling up worldwide, however not without issues. UAV operators struggle with higher-than-expected operational cost when they scale their operations due to failing propulsion systems, forcing them to swap the motors as often as every two weeks. Anton will explain how Alva''s electric propulsion systems resolves the issue and enables profitable drone operations at scale

      Jonathan Robinson: Speaking in the Seminar Theatre 5 - Surveillance

      12.30 - 13.00

      Jonathan Robinson

      Considerations around the selection of a UAV LiDAR solution

      UAV LiDAR is synonymous with high resolution data capture, particularly in the presence of forestry and vegetation; but what are the paramount considerations when selecting the right sensor for your business? How do you effectively plan your surveys? And why do you need reliable and rigorous data processing? This session aims to provide subject matter interest to forward thinking businesses, across the spectrum of the expertise: end users to managing directors.

      Kristofer Skantze: Speaking in the Seminar Theatre 5 - Surveillance

      13.15 - 13.45

      Kristofer Skantze
      Xer Technologies AG

      Taking Multicopters to the Next Level Using Hybrid-Electric Propulsion

      Xer’s heavy-duty X8 drones use hybrid electric propulsion. The drones can fly over 2.5 hours and carry up to 7kg, handle almost any wind conditions, and still fit into the trunk of most cars. We will present where the X8 is used and typical learning from our 4.5 years of development and the first year of commercial deployment.

      Barry Koperberg: Speaking in the Seminar Theatre 5 - Surveillance

      14.00 - 14.30

      Barry Koperberg
      Wings For Aid

      Civil UAS operations and Cyber Security

      Military forces have succesfully invested in security to safeguard UAS operations. How can civil UAS manufacturers and operators manage Cyber Security to a satisfactory level? Barry Koperberg, general manager of Wings For Aid, shares his view on the matter and practical steps that the company has taken with its partners.

      YANG Jincai: Speaking in the Seminar Theatre 5 - Surveillance

      14.45 - 15.15

      YANG Jincai
      World UAV Federation

      Innovative Application and Intelligent Manufacturing of Drones Based on Big Data

      Drones are playing a role in reforming our world and changing our lives, exerting a profound impact on the economy and society. We hope that through exchanges with other countries, we will strengthen cooperation between China and other countries in UAV industries and promote the innovative application of UAV systems.