Seminar Theatre 4 - Commercial

    • Tuesday

      Zereh Pam: Speaking in the Seminar Theatre 4 - Commercial

      11.00 - 11.30

      Zereh Pam
      Thales - Panel

      Viewing the Stratosphere – A Graduate’s Perspective

      A team of Thales graduates and apprentices have recently delivered a project to stream real-time video footage from the Perlan 2 glider during its world record attempt for the highest-ever crewed, wing-borne flight this Summer. The Thales team developed a connectivity demonstrator that was mounted in the glider as it soared into the stratosphere aiming to reach over 90,000 ft. In this session, a group of those engineers will share their lessons learned from this innovation project.

      Andrew Sproson: Speaking in the Seminar Theatre 4 - Commercial

      11.45 - 12.15

      Andrew Sproson
      AutoSpray Systems

      Agricultural Drones in the UK

      An overview of the use of Drones in UK Agriculture, including a summary of past / present and future case studies.

      Alex Fraess-Ehrfeld: Speaking in the Seminar Theatre 4 - Commercial

      12.30 - 13.00

      Alex Fraess-Ehrfeld

      DrSUIT - Drone Swarm for Uncrewed Inspection of Offshore Wind Turbines

      DrSUIT, an end-to-end autonomy solution for offshore wind turbine inspections, operates an uncrewed vessel carrying a swarm of drones, controlled from the onshore control centre, in order to inspect multiple offshore wind turbines simultaneously. According to the adaptive, real-time scheduling & routing model for coordinated interplay of uncrewed vessel and UAVs, DrSUIT allows for multi-sensor data collection for 3D asset reconstruction, increased inspection efficiency and scale with minimal Co2 footprint.

      Tom Gooderham: Speaking in the Seminar Theatre 4 - Commercial

      13.15 - 13.45

      Tom Gooderham
      Helix Geospace

      The importance of GNSS integrity for BVLOS navigation

      Our presentation focuses on the critical role of GNSS integrity in realising the extensive possibilities of BVLOS operations. We emphasise the significance of preserving the resilience of GNSS data to effectively address risks linked to signal disruptions, interference, or spoofing. We discuss advanced antenna methodology and monitoring systems that enable real-time precision positioning. These measures safeguard against navigation errors, path deviations, conserve energy, and prevent accidents caused by innocent positioning.

      Andrew Carey: Speaking in the Seminar Theatre 4 - Commercial

      14.00 - 14.30

      Andrew Carey
      Esri Inc

      Advance Fieldwork Productivity with Esri Site Scan for ArcGIS.

      Discover how Esri''s geographic approach to data acquisition, processing, and sharing provides efficiencies for expanding drone programs. Learn how the Esri System of Record, System of Insight, and System of Engagement perspectives can organize and enhance reality-captured data. Incorporate geospatial data layers within flight planning and field deployments to ensure quality data capture.

      Joe Gibson: Speaking in the Seminar Theatre 4 - Commercial

      14.45 - 15.15

      Joe Gibson
      Gibson Robotics

      The Counter-UAS Landscape: Its Evolution and the Future.

      Joe will briefly dive into the history of counter-UAS, problems we are facing today, and what the industry needs to do next to ensure the safety of our skies.