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Forsberg provides assured positioning and situational awareness for time-critical missions. With extensive experience and expertise, alongside our cutting-edge technology and software solutions, we deliver unparalleled operational assurance for UAVs.


Featured products include:

RAIDR/RAISR – Resilient Assured Integrated Dual/Single Receiver RAIDR/RAISR technology enables assured PNT with multi-constellation, multi-frequency positioning, combined with an active anti-jam nulling capability. Ideally suited for UAV integration, RAIDR/RAISR provides protected GNSS navigation for low size, weight and power (SWaP).


MANTIS – MApping Navigation & Targeting Integrated Software A family of Command-and-Control software applications supporting battlespace decision makers at all levels. MANTIS combines real time sensor data into a common operating picture, utilising common internationally recognized standards. The result is a reduction in the time between sensing and affecting points of interest.

GAJT - GPS Anti-Jam Technology

GAJT mitigates against jammers to ensure the continuous signals required for calculating position and time remain available. GAJT is a commercial off the shelf product, which ensures short lead times and quick deployment. It integrates easily into new platforms or can be retrofitted on existing and legacy military fleets.

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