The Civic Air Transport Association (CIVATAglobal) highlights their work programme

The Civic Air Transport Association (CIVATAglobal) is the global trade association of the advanced air mobility (AAM) sector, bringing together cities and industries in a single global community.  CIVATA is a forum to share experiences, plans, access information resources and work together on enabling the successful speeding the introduction of safe, profitable, environmentally responsible urban air mobility (UAM) operations, from small unmanned air system (sUAS) missions to urban air taxi networks and inter city services.

The CIVATAglobal work programme

In the short period since CIVATA was established it has developed a stable of significant activities of value for engaging members which are at various stages of development and implementation: 

Events: CIVATA is already active as a voice and a host of webinars regionally and internationally. The webinar programme for Q3 and Q4 2021 will continue the global and regional approach which will ensure that generic industry matters as well as specific local issues are adequately recognised and addressed. Current events programme

CIVATA is also planning a series of conferences/expos in conjunction with local authorities, based around operationally mature drone (and eventually UAM) services to demonstrate the benefits and challenges of introducing UAM operations into an urban environment. The first is being planned for late 2021 in the UK, with further events scheduled for 2022 and 2023 in Europe and the Middle East.

Advocacy and White Papers: The ability of an association to put forward cogent positions on important topics and be a powerful voice on behalf of its members is crucial.  CIVATA is already active in working with its members and developing thought-leadership papers across key areas.

Current Whitepapers under development:


  • A roadmap for local authority-managed drone and urban air mobility (UAM) eco-systems
  • The role of mobile network operators in an urban air mobility ecosystem.
  • The infrastructure challenge: vertiports and drone landing/take-off areas; UTM and connecting to ground transport networks.

The global AAM/UAM library: This is a database of core UAM/AAM documents from around the world – including a database of city UAM projects - intended to be a single source for all relevant authoritative studies, fact sheets and research papers for AAM/UAM stakeholders. 

CIVATAglobal Academy: Training is going to be an essential component of local governments’ ability to upskill and manage the successful adoption of UAM / AAM technologies into their communities.  

Wiki Community: To be able to capture the wide variety of ideas and best practises in different cities and regions around the world, CIVATA is developing a wiki community that will enable stakeholders to share, learn and develop how best to successfully engage their communities in the adoption of UAM / AAM technologies.  

Benchmarking: CIVATA is planning to launch with partners a benchmarking programme in the second half of 2021 that will enable local authorities assess their readiness for UAM / AAM.  

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