Future Flight Challenge launches Aviation Safety Framework

UK Research and Innovation’s Future Flight Challenge at UK Research and Innovation has announced the launch of its initial aviation safety framework.

The framework is an in-depth study that sets out guidelines, recommendations and use cases for a future aviation system of autonomous and piloted vehicles and technology.

The report looks at the application of new aviation and vehicle technologies and analyses:

  • the key safety management challenges that will apply for infrastructure
  • the role of humans
  • the management of complex systems across use cases such as:
    • drone delivery and inspection
    • air mobility across urban and regional areas.

You can read the report here.

Gary Cutts, challenge director for the FFC, said:

When it comes to the development of new technologies that will be critical to the society of tomorrow, it’s not simply the technology itself that needs support and research.

Safety and regulation will be critical components of any changes to the aviation sector, whether for autonomous or human use.

We therefore commissioned this in-depth research to consider exactly how the industry, its regulators and wider stakeholders will need to adapt to the safety, risk assessment and legislation needed to manage and monitor the new aviation landscape.

Whether it’s a freight-carrying drone, an urban passenger vehicle or a hybrid-electric aircraft for remote regions, the challenge to provide the necessary infrastructure and control systems will be of paramount importance, such is their impact on the potential success of the future systems.

Our next steps will be to take the evidence of the study to inform any actions required for incorporating safety and regulation further in the work of the FFC and the wider industry.



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