Xer reveals its innovative heavy-duty drones.

Xer Technologies will be launching two new multirotor heavy-duty drones at DroneX, capable of up to 4 hours flight time and 20 kg payload.


It all started in 2011 with Xer (previously UAV Development Sweden) flying commercial drones to provide drone surveillance for the Swedish railroad. The company has since flown commercial drone assignments with several ten thousand flight hours, from operations for Search & Rescue, Public Safety, Rescue Services and Infrastructure operators. After several years and vast accumulated real-life flight experience, it became obvious that the short flight-time  and constant need to change batteries were directly hampering the flight operations. In 2019, Xer therefore began the development of its own heavy-duty multirotor drones that offer long flight-time, capability to lift heavy payloads and operate in challenging weather conditions. 

At DroneX in London, Xer will be launching its entirely new heavy-duty drones to the market.

Photo: Fire monitoring for Swedish Rescue Services in July 2021 (Räddningstjänsten Helsingborg)


Challenges with today’s commercial drones

Commercial drone operators are hampered by short flight-times and the constant need to change batteries. With moderate wind or additional load, the flight-time is further reduced down to as little as 15-20 minutes. This is not practical in most situations, in particular when the drone needs to fly some distance before reaching the area of interest. Also, the cost of having additional spare batteries for longer flight operations drives up the total cost of ownership of drones.


Benefits of heavy-duty drones

Luckily, with Xer drones these limitations belong to past. A modern commercial drone should offer a long flight time, be able to handle rain and heavy wind and have heavy payload capability. In a Search & Rescue situation, it can take many hours to localize a missing person and every operational minute in the air can mean the difference between life and death. Over lakes or oceans, identifying a missing person is a time sensitive matter and requires equipment that can handle rough weather, long range and long flight time. And when reaching the person in need, the ability to communicate and dropping safety equipment could be critical.


Infrastructure inspection requires long flight time and rugged drones, that can be used for extended periods. These types of operations typically require flight-times in the range of hours. For inspection of powerlines, roads or railroad tracks it is important to use products with range, durability and ruggedness meeting the needs of the tasks.


Photo: Rail inspection by Xer drones


The new Xer drones

At DroneX, Xer Technologies will launch two entirely new, in-house developed, multirotor drones, the Xer X-8 drone with < 25kg takeoff weight and the Xer X-12 with 35 kg take-off weight with additional payload capacity of 20 kg lift for hour-long continuous missions. 

The drones have been designed and tested over the last years to ensure conformance to industry demands in demanding situations, when flying really matters. Built by industry experts using the latest technologies and materials from the performance car industry, these drones take heavy-duty capabilities to drone flying.

New market segment, new opportunities

With the launch of Xer Technologies’ new drones, the company takes the lead in heavy-duty multirotor drones. Xer drones can perform demanding missions under challenging conditions and achieve positive mission outcomes. The new drones open up entirely new markets not serviceable before, fitting in-between today’s lightweight, short-flight commercial drones on the one hand and the multi-million dollar long-range military drones on the other hand. 

The new drones will initially target Infrastructure Inspection, Search & Rescue, Public Safety and Animal Herding.

We look forward to talking to you at DroneX.



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