Innovating Aerial Image Analytics

Robotto has developed technology to empower operators in various operations using the power of computer vision. We develop software for drones to create autonomous systems that gather data at edge level, to provide actionable data to any situation. 


As a spin-off from Aalborg University, Robotto combines the knowledge and competences from one of the best robotics schools in the world, together with a very international culture. This gives Robotto the upper hand to bring drone technology to the next level and help clients with bespoke drone systems designed for their needs.


AWRA is focused on autonomous monitoring and tracking of wildfires. The software allowes drones to navigate, collect, and process data on wildfire location, size, and direction, while visualizing this vital information of the fire in real-time. It saves firefighters up to 70% or their man-hours being used in operation, while keeping communities safe. 


The same technology is adapted for other use cases: These systems is launched to spot humans that may be lost in the forest or at sea; to support powerline inspections helping spot damages in the line, while gathering data for predictive maintenance; it can identify and track wildlife and count these specific species.


Autonomous technology is the future of the drone industry. Drones will have the power to become tools that enhance human capabilities, and BVLOS operations is a key step in that direction. We work towards a tomorrow filled with autonomous drones that get destined to tackle tasks that fall under the three D’s: Dull, Dirty and Dangerous., although this will just be the beginning.


For drone technology to be fully embraced, change needs to happen. It must start with regulations. The drone industry needs to help legislators see that the technology is ready, and it is safe, this will allow regulators to move forward, allowing drones to fly autonomously inside of cities, supporting all industries and enabling better services.


We at Robotto are excited for this change and we are excited to push drone technology to the next level. Let us together shape the autonomous future.