Top UAV Technology Product Launches in 2021

Innovation within the UAV sector continues to thrive even with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, with businesses continuing to introduce new technologies across a wide spectrum, from sensors, to AI, to platforms and software.

DroneX media partner has analysed its readership engagement data and compiled a list of the top five new product launches so far in 2021, based on the number of online reads, shares and social engagement each article generated.


Top Five UAV Technology Launches in 2021


  1. Ventus Micro MWIR Camera - Sierra-Olympic Technologies
  2. PRT XV-S VTOL Drone - Plymouth Rock Technologies
  3. R2 Rhomboidal-Wing Drones - FLY-R
  4. 6S Smart Battery - T-DRONES
  5. SF45 microLiDAR LiDAR sensor - LightWare LiDAR


  1. Ventus Micro MWIR Camera - Sierra-Olympic Technologies

Ventus Micro is an innovative new micro camera system for low-SWaP applications - the smallest mid-wave infrared sensor on the market. Designed to fit into a six-inch articulating volume, the miniaturized sensor package features 640 x 512 x 10 um pixel pitch and a long-life HOT MWIR core with a custom F3.6 16-180 mm folded optic.


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  1. PRT XV-S VTOL Drone - Plymouth Rock Technologies

PRT XV-S is a new fixed-wing UAS platform with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities and a hybrid propulsion system. The drone can launch fully-autonomously from an area as small as 100 square feet and operate for up to four hours. Featuring long-range data communications, the XV range is the first non-military commercial UAS in its class of both line of sight (LOS) and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) UAS platforms to offer fully autonomous flight capabilities.


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  1. R2 Rhomboidal-Wing Drones - FLY-R

FLY-R’s new R2 range of UAVs is based on a rhomboidal-wing configuration. According to the company, the rhomboidal aerodynamic design provides the same lift capacity as a conventional cantilever wing of an equivalent area with twice the span, thus making UAV designs more compact. Enhanced aerodynamic performance results in lower fuel consumption, and the rhomboidal configuration also translates into a smaller footprint on the ground as well as shorter take-off and landing distances.


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  1. 6S Smart Battery - T-DRONES

The new 6S smart battery is designed for use with T-DRONES UAVs, engineered to provide longer flight endurances of up to 72 minutes. The high-energy density lithium battery features optimized power management and is waterproofed for operation in harsh environments commonly encountered by drones.


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  1. SF45 microLiDAR LiDAR sensor - LightWare LiDAR

The SF45 microLiDAR is the world’s smallest and lightest scanning LiDAR sensor. The new sensor provides UAVs and other autonomous systems with vision that allows them to operate with lower risk of accidents, enabling the safe delivery of valuable and often lifesaving payloads.


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New UST Performance Dashboard for Product Launches  


This year launched its own new product - an interactive analytics dashboard that allows supplier partners to analyse their most popular content, launches, products and webinars published on UST. 


Available to all UST supplier partners, the performance dashboard provides real insight into the engagement and success of product launches, news stories and technical content, all via a simple interactive dashboard powered by Google Data Studio.