RCbenchmark Rebrands as Tyto Robotics



To our valued customers,

We are pleased to share with you the exciting news of our company name change to Tyto Robotics.

Our industry has changed a lot since we announced the Series 1580 project six years ago. We now serve customers with much more advanced UAVs, large aerial vehicles, and air taxis. Formerly RCbenchmark, we believed it was time for a change to reflect the type of equipment we manufacture - quality, precise propulsion testing tools for all manner of drone operations.

‘Tyto’ refers to the genus of owls known for their efficient, silent flight. Our tools and equipment help our clients achieve these enviable qualities, which is why we have chosen the bird as our namesake. ‘Robotics’ as a field integrates computer science and engineering, which are both areas of expertise for our team. 

Since our founding, we have introduced larger and larger test stands now measuring up to 75 kgf, as well as custom wind generators for full-scale free flight testing. Our new name reflects the caliber of the products we manufacture and the clients we serve.

While the company rebrands as Tyto Robotics, our first generation of test stands and software will be renamed the ‘RCbenchmark’ series.

We thank you for your continued support and patronage, and we look forward to serving you under our new name in the years to come. You can rest assured that we will keep supporting your tools and offer new ways to help propel our industry forward!

Company: Tyto Robotics

Website: https://www.tytorobotics.com/