First flight for our heli – Barry!

We first started dreaming of heli – Barry in 2020 when we created the smaller and battery powered version to test our skills, the principle ad to tweak the software which had been left unfinished since years. 

The creation of the scaled down model took approximately 3 months in which we ordered the few parts that were not designed by us and printed/cut/moulded the rest. Its success encouraged us to move forward and do the (almost) same with the bigger size Kaman dual rotor helicopter. Barry, our heli, was born 7 months later and had its first flight in November. The flight which took place at our special testing facility in the  Banat Airport in Caransebes was both successful and uneventful which –when doing research- is the best description. 

Next steps include testing with the 80 kg payload, getting rid of all the flukes and getting it certified for production and sale somewhere mid 2022.

As explained, the heli (Barry) is completely modular which means that on the same flight infrastructure – any module can be fitted to do any task needed: If for crop spraying you might need a fine mix of fuel and spraying liquid to optimize the minimum cost path, for charting you might only need 10 kgs payload but higher flight times. In this case – the charting module uses the remaining potential payload as a tank, and raises the flight time to over 3 hours.

Main purposes foreseen for heli are crop spraying, fire extinguishing, woods and border surveillance, welding, painting, tourism, sports and pretty much anything you can imagine.

No matter what industry you are in, Barry (our heli) can have a module to simplify, improve and optimize your work.



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