STT meets researchers from all over the world

On the 30th of March, StoolTechnologies, represented by the main geek Bogdan and the head of R&D Ovidiu, had the honour to accompany our partners from Politehnica Timisoara (UPT) to Debrecen for the General Assembly of Harmonious for the event about Recent Advances in Environmental Monitoring with UAS.

We were psyched to hear about all the applications and projects that the participants are doing, humbled by the extent to which they are analyzing the world and to be honest – our trust in the future has been a bit restored.

It was thrilling for us to be part of such an event where people in the academic sector from all over the world have presented cutting edge projects. StoolTechnologies is open to any peaceful use of its drones, and the prospect of collaborating with such minds is validating our efforts over the past 4 years. 

It was that perfect moment when the need for flying infrastructure meets the need for purpose of a drone. 

We had the opportunity to showcase our tiny and real-size Barry in front of brilliant researchers from Universities all over the world.

We want to thank Sorin HERBAN for taking us along on this journey, thank all the people involved in this event, especially to the organizers  László BERTALAN and Brigitta TOTH, and to Salvadore MANFREDA, and assure all the participants that our drones are available for their exciting projects and we are just an e-mail away.