Electron Retracts, upcoming brake system for UAVs

Electron Retracts is currently working on the designs of new products to fulfill the needs of the growing
UAV industry, and they are happy to announce that they are currently developing a new wheel and
brake system, specifically designed for these purposes.

Their main objective is to create an adaptable product that could be easily integrated into already
existing frameworks, making it a viable option for any company that is looking for a solution of this
type. This brake is electrically actuated, with a low power requirement while providing plenty of
torque power for the braking action. They wanted to create a system suitable for UAV's up to 200
kg, with easy/low maintenance. The brake shoe will be easy to replace when it wears down.

The wheel is included as well with the brake system. The current model features a Ø230 mm
wheel. The rim and the brake parts are integrated all together, allowing an easy installation to the
UAV strut. Eventually, the wheel size will be adjustable so the rim parts could fit a different

The system will also feature an electronic controller for handling the brakes. This electronic
interface has been designed and programmed in such a way that is easy to integrate into the electronic
system. This controller features an automatic adjustment procedure, which will detect the wear of
the brake shoe when initializing.