LikeAbird develops and supplies SATCOM solutions for BVLOS operations around the
globe. Ranging from very narrow-band up to mid-band bandwidth capacities, we provide
solutions based on both Iridium and Inmarsat satellite networks.

The beySAT-NB is our Iridium-based narrow-band solution ideal to be used as a backup link
for LTE based primary data links. With its 2.4 Kbps it allows to transfer command & control
and telemetry to and from the remote vehicle via USB interface with a variable latency
that can lower than 800ms.

The beySAT-BGAN is our mid-band solution including video streaming capabilities with up
to 200 Kbps L-band with ATC/LTE filtering, native ethernet port and lower that 1 second
fixed latency. Just plug & play.