The Blues Police Magazine

The BLUES Police Magazine’s history dates back to 1984, when Michael Barron, a rookie
sheriff’s deputy with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, started a department newsletter to keep
the thousand or so employees informed. As word spread throughout the Houston Area law
enforcement community, the newsletter became a newspaper-tabloid. By the end of 1985,
circulation had expanded to include every law enforcement agency in the Houston area. Within
five years, the growing tabloid had expanded to cover the entire State of Texas and each
month, police agencies both large and small, eagerly awaited its arrival.

Now 40 years later, The BLUES is now all-digital and distributed to Police Agencies around the
world. Each month, over 1.4 million readers log on to our digital platform to read over 200
pages of action-packed excitement. Our page size and readership, have earned us the title of
the “Largest Police Magazine on the Planet.”

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