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7 & 8 Sep 2022


Kevin Duckers: Speaking at the DroneX

Kevin Duckers

IDU Group

Why We Need to Be Thinking About Drone Infrastructure Today

We are at a critical period in history, faced with urgent climate impacts. Drones and aerial vehicles can be part of a profound rethink of the urban environment, supporting decarbonization of the logistics and transport sectors. The rate of disruptive innovation transforming the last mile of drone delivery is rapid, with several global companies already trialling drone delivery services. Existing buildings (like warehouses and hospitals) will need to be adapted to accommodate these new drone networks, and new design principles will have to be implemented in future ones. This will drive sustainability through smart infrastructure that is embedded into its environment, in ways that are convenient and meaningful to the way we live our lives. Enabling safe, secure, scalable, and autonomous drone delivery as a reality of daily life.

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