Helitune Ltd

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Helitune is a UK-based company that is part of the Condition Monitoring Technology Group (CMTG). CMTG incorporates five international companies Beran Instruments, Helitune, Prosig, SEI and Semia. CMTG provides the technologies and services to optimise complex systems. With expertise in vibration analysis, structural and rotating machinery condition monitoring and supporting ageing and obsolete electronic systems for the aviation, automotive and power industries. Helitune itself specialises is the designer and manufacture of Rotortuner Rotor Track & Balance equipment as well as vibration analysis equipment for all dynamic components. The equipment can be utilised on various machine types including helicopters and turbo-prop aircraft. Rotortuner products are currently used by both military and civil customers worldwide. The newest offering from Helitune is their RT-6 System which is a powerful new solution for the next generation of carry-on Rotor Track & Balance and Vibration Analysis. Purposefully designed with product longevity and customer support in mind the RT-6 has been created to meet numerous customer Rotor Track and Balance requirements in an ever-changing aviation and aerospace environment.

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