Nano-Tech S.p.A.

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Since 2016 Nano-Tech deals with nano-technologies and produces innovative composite materials and nanocomposites.

Thanks to a patented technology and the know-how in the homogeneous and effective dispersion of nano particles within polymers, Nano-Tech has developed unique products, more robust, lighter, more heat resistant, with better electrical conductivity and able to reduce vibrations.

The company’s reference market is represented by composite materials. Composites are used in the production of structural components for automobiles, airplanes and boats, in interiors for the transport sector and in the production of sports equipment and industrial machinery.

In collaboration with Research Centers and Universities, Nano-Tech is also developing ECO SUSTAINABLE polymers and composite materials, which will have a large market in the ecological transition.

Nano-Tech sells high-margin products to major F1 teams, high-performance premium car manufacturers and aerospace companies.

The team is made up of young engineers and experienced professionals.

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