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7 & 8 Sep 2022


CycloTech GmbH

CycloTech develops a unique propulsion system for the aviation industry.
The Austrian based technology enterprise CycloTech GmbH converts the Voith-Schneider-Propeller, the most flexible maritime drive system, into a superior thrust-vector control for use in UAV and Ur-ban Air Mobility applications.
A Cyclogyro rotor consists of several wings rotating around a central axis and being connect-ed to a freely rotating hub. Displacement of this hub from the rotation center of the rotor results in a cyclic motion of the wings, accelerating the air through the rotor and generating thrust. The position of the hub allows direct control of the thrust strength and direction. With a constant speed and direction of rotation, the direction and dimension of the thrust can be changed in a split second 360 degrees around the rotation axis.
The technology combines the benefits of rotorcraft and fixed-wing concepts. It enables VTOL, extremely precise maneuverability through thrust-vector control, compact design, and a stable transition phase into an efficient forward flight. The system can be used as main propulsion system as well as auxiliary system to enhance existing VTOL concepts in terms of maneuverability and efficiency.
The company proofed the technology with a 80kg demonstrator and currently develops UAV applications for inspection of critical infrastructure and natural disaster use.

Tel: +43 732 371 605 10

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