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7 & 8 Sep 2022


Gadfin Aero - Logistics Systems

GADFIN specializes in developing drones and UAVs of various sizes: the Courier (up to 8 Km, 50 Km/h, 3 Kg payload) the Spirit One (up to 250 Km, 100 Km/h, 3-5 Kg payload), and the Spirit X (up to 450 Km, 150 Km/h, 60 Kg payload) - all for aerial infrastructure surveys and B2B drone delivery needed by organizations.

The Gadfin Spirit One aircraft upholds the strictest international safety standards fly at high speed for long flight range, low operational costs, and in almost all weather.

GADFIN successfully achieved a breakthrough in the field and is offering the world for the very first time a 25Kg MTOW category electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing (e-VTOL) unmanned air- vehicle with a flight range of more than 250 km.

The company’s Spirit One air-vehicle can fly packages of up to 10 kg with large volume across vast distances. The aircraft are operated autonomously with almost no human intervention.

GADFIN also became the first to receive Israel’s Civil Aviation Authority permit for urban airspace deliveries at the start of 2020 which would enable linking hospitals, laboratories, and diverse organizations and institutions by drones. The flight network enables fast and ongoing transfer of refrigerated medical cargo such as samples, including samples for identifying the Covid-19 virus; bone marrow; blood tests; blood donations, organs for transplant, and more, within minutes and at very low costs.

The company holds several breakthrough patents, including a first of its kind in-flight wing folding and spreading capability, and a game changing improvement in aerodynamic capabilities. The company is also currently engaged in the development of a larger aircraft able to carry up to 100 kg for an even longer distance.

The company has collaborations and customers around the world and its goal is to connect the world and to help in saving life.

Tel: +972-8-6188202

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